27 January 2013

Pregnancy Week 21

This week I did not throw up at all! Finally! A week without feeling nauseous.  I thought this day would never come. I feel absolutely great! Well, not perfect, but amazing!

Good things about this week:

My appetite is back! I am craving so many things and I eat and eat whenever I feel hungry which is like every hour!  I prefer savory more than sweets, except after midnight.  That's when I start craving stuff like icecream, milkshakes, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake and the list goes on.  At the beginning of this week I remember waking up at around 2am with a hungry stomach and a kicking baby, obviously it was impossible to sleep.  So I had no other choice but to go directly to the kitchen and cut a big chunk of warm chocolate cake with 3 spoonfulls of vanilla icecream.  I never felt so good finish that plate! Me all alone in the kitchen table.  I scared my husband while trying to sneak back down to the bed.  It's not so easy being sneaky when you're 21 weeks!

I felt baby kicking...A LOT. Pretty much all day and night.  It's like he's playing soccer inside me or something.  Coolest and weirdest part of the week was actually looking at my belly and seeing his thumps and kicks popping out! Crazy stuff!  Best part of the week was my husband finally getting to feel him kick.  Every night he would just put his ear by my belly to hear the little guy's heartbeat.  Such a wonderful site to see.

Today while I was talking to my mom on skype (I miss her so much!) she showed me all the baby shopping she has done so far.  I really wish I was back home with her! They have the cutest things there! Mom got all these adorable baby outfits and all this time I was thinking there are hardly any cute baby BOY clothes out there.  The "I love mommy" outfit was my favorite!

How big is baby?

A size of a spaghetti squash! I think that's huge.  No wonder my belly looked noticably gigantic!

Physical changes:

My eyes seem bigger.  They were big, but then I got married and gained like 5kg, they somehow got smaller.  Well, my eyes are popping out now.  But it looks weird...to me.  Nails are growing faster, hair is thicker and shinier, bigger bump obviously...still no stretch marks but i know I'll be getting them.  Itchy skin!  Get hot flashes at times and gas issues.  What a pain.  Oh yeah, something else.  This weird creepy thing with my right hand.  I don't think it's related to pregnancy but it happened this week.  I felt and saw some kind of bone sticking out from my hand while I was mashing potatoes!  It didn't hurt, it just felt akward and ahhh....something stuck out! Then went away....Where the hell did that come from?   Anyways...my bellybuttons out.  Three more months until .....omg!  Is this really happening????

Time flies!


  1. Hey all the best to you and your hubby! I have been reading all your posts including the tons you posted over the last couple of months.

    Good luck again ! ;) I will cross my thumbs for you !

  2. Thank you how kind of you! We are very happy to know that. Continue to keep us in your prayers!