25 February 2016

A 2016 update of my life

It has been ages since my last post in my sweet little blog.  I am just getting older and weaker and lazier these days.  I used to be so active back when I had all the time in the world to achieve goals but nowadays I just try to get through the day with washed dishes, well-fed tummies of hubby, the son, and ofcourse me, and getting through the days wabbling around while I count down the days till June.
Wabbling? Count down to June?  Yes you guessed right!  I am on my 2nd trimester!  I remember updating weekly pregnancy blogs for my little prince, Isaam.  Time truely flies.  He was so little and now here he is going to Dagis (day care) and coming back with handfull of his own paintings and art projects.  My toddler is growing up in front of my eyes and it brings tears to my eyes.  I can picture him now slowly becoming a big brother.  I worry about him feeling the change hitting him this summer.  It will be tough for him seeing all his attention getting snatched away.  It is so freaking exciting to think about... him looking after his little sister.  Sister! Girl!

My baby girl will hopefully arrive just in time with Stockholms beautiful summer breeze.  Our first little girl and we still cant decide a name for her!  We are beyond excited, hubby and I, and I am an emotional wreck.  I will cry watching the slightest of touchy commercials let alone movies.  I am bigger than last time and I have more appetite for dairy products than anything else really!   Completely different but somewhat physically more straining pregnancy... I want the journey to go by fast so I can finally see my baby girl!

Meanwhile, we need a bigger place to live now that our family will have one extra member, which means we are house hunting.  Fun stuff!  We are planning to sell our house and it is all just so exciting and nervewracking at the same time.  April 12th was when we came here such a beautiful area that I have fallen in love with it for the past 3 years.  How can I leave this place?  Ive also been dreaming night and day about how to decorate our new house wherever that may be!

Last but not least my brother-in-law got married back in december 2014 which I also havent updated and his wife has finaLLY gotten the visa so she will be coming to stockholm next week!  Ahh!!!!! We are supercool she is like the little sister I never had..funny how that is, because I used to think of my brother-in-law as the little brother that I was always supposed to have haha!  They are just too cute!

Lots happening this year!  I am so lucky to see my parents this year and I look forward to seeing them again in the summer when baby will be arriving! 

25 August 2015

How my skin and well-being improved

I had horrible skin before and now, my face is surprisingly glowing after many years of hearing criticism.  I give credit to the mommy hormones!  So i had extremely oily skin which has changed to normal skin, but I still did get a few breakouts during certain times of the month, which left scars on my face.  That problem, however, seemed to disappear, and now I think I know why!

I clean my face differently:

I would buy a good cleanser for acne-prone skin and wash, even over-wash, my face every night before going to bed.  I even skipped many nights of putting on a moisturizer clearly because I knew moisturizers made me breakout during the night.

Whether I have makeup on or not, I spread cold-pressed coconut oil all over my face and massage.  I take a babywipe and take off all impurities on every inch of my face.  Then I wash my face with warm water.  Pat dry.  I put on a light nightcream for normal skin.

I eat differently:

I would occasionally eat the stuff that was great for your skin until I just gave up and ate junk food.  Greasy food, sweets, cakes, cookies, milk chocolate, just everything sweet and or greasy!  Not to mention soft drinks!  The next week I would have pizza face! Although some say it is a myth, I strongly believe that your face will reflect your diet.

I totally cut back on junk food. (Accept for the occasional ice cream..i just cannot resist!). I eat salmon or anything with omega 3 and fishoil.  Salmon with steamed veggies are the best!  If you plan on eating veggies then please do not overcook them and kill all the nutritious components your body needs!  I always have milk, eggs, and turkish yoghurt in my refrigerator.  My breakfast includes oats with milk and strawberry jam, whole wheat bread and cheese.  A healthy breakfast is key to a healthy you, and definitely glowing skin! Always include a fresh salad with your meals.

---I drink more water!---
-i take a multivitamin- because I know I dont take all needed vitamins in a day or even a week.

Sleep and waking up:

Before:  -I would wake up and rush to do things before.  No matter what time it was, early or late I would always stress about the day and feel like time is slipping away from my hands.

I wake up way ahead of time from my regular schedule so I can have some "just me time" and it is very motivational and calming!  Treat yourself with good food, some yoga and calming music.  You will have a nice day after that!It will show on your face!  So forget about those cucumbers on your eyes.

I have a day cream! Eucerin even brighter.  It made my scars go away and it suits my skin perfectly!

I also have a routine!

A healthy one!

Update on my life

Time slips away from the hands like sand.  I couldn't stress on how realistic that phrase has been for me and how this simile is taking over my life month by month. 

We tend to believe that we have total control over our lives, which is a very strong and smart way to consider your life, however, there are situations that we have absolutely no self-control over.  Let me give some examples:  Planning to have another baby, a non-swede getting a very Swedish job immediately, or perhaps getting rid of that extra blob of post-pregnancy tummy skin through healthy eating and exercise.  You cannot always assume these things will happen.  Some things must be accepted the way they are.  

These are a few of my problems that I shared with you today.  I could continue ranting but I will stop for a moment and think about the positive aspects of my life. Let me give some examples:  My son has started day-care and he is almost 2.5 years old.  He is growing up way too fast and I am starting to see his own personality coming out from that baby body that I always see and will see in him.  I am done with school.  No more studying, cramming, and stressing over assignments and exams and most importantly, passing.  I have studied the things I wanted to and had to study, I do have a very supportive husband and a wonderful son, and although I might have extra saggy skin that will never go away, I still have a healthy body that works properly.

I will be turning 30 next year.  I should obviously experience both tangible and intangible alterations.
So there is no need to fear the upcomings of my life.  I am too old to be scared.  

10 August 2015

Art of the Day - A 50/50 Couple

Just because you are out doing groceries with your man doesn't mean he should carry all the bags. You as a woman have both inner and outer strenghth. Help him out and he will truly appreciate it and remember it. 
Oh look... It just started to rain!

A mutual relationship is a beautiful thing. 

05 August 2015

My Personal Pizza Recipe

Growing up in America, I have always been a pizza-lover no matter how thin or thick the crust is.  Pizza is pizza and this amazing Italian delicacy was my first true love!

So why not make my own version of a pizza?  This is a swedish-italian inspired pizza so it will be quite "meaty" but feel free to put the toppings of your choice!

Pizza dough recipe:

¤yields 2 large pizzas
¤4 hours

-2 tablespoons dry yeast
-1 tspn honey
-1 tablespoon salt
-2 tsp olive oil
-1.5 cup warm water
-3 cups flour (or however much needed for a soft elastic dough)


-In a large bowl, put the dry yeast and pour 1/4 cup of your warm water, let it sit for 2minutes for the yeast to melt into the water
-then mix in the honey and salt and olive oil
-add the remaining water and mix
-now gradually add in the flour and knead with hands to make a soft mildly sticky dough.  Do not over-knead or your dough will be hard and wont rise.
-cover the bowl with a clean towel or cloth and put in a quiet dark place for 3 to 4 hours
-after 3-4 hours it should rise and double in size.  Flour your hands and knead the dough and divide into 2 or 3 balls (depending on how big you want your pizza to be) and put the balls on a flat cookie tray.
-Cover the tray with the same cloth or towel and let it sit for 30minutes.  After 30 minutes the dough should appear lighter and more elastic.  That is how you know your dough is ready!

-roll the dough and make it as big as you want...the thickness of the crust is up to you.  Put the flattened pizza dough on the tray.

Tomatoe sauce recipe:

-Pour in 1.5 cup pressed tomatoe sauce in a sauce pan with medium heat
-2 cloves fresh garlic chopped
-salt to taste
-1tspn sugar
-1/2 tspn cumin powder
-black pepper
-once it all simmers, take a fork and mash the sauce and garlic until they are almost smooth in texture
-make sure all excess water is gone and your sauce is ready
-add in chopped basil

Meat topping: minced beef

-one onion, fry the onion in 2 tblspn olive oil until golden brown
-add salt to taste, peppar, 1tspn ginger, 1/2 cumin, and fresh chopped green peppers (if you want it spicy)
-sautee the spices and add 1/4 cup water and let the sauce simmer until it becomes a thick gravy.
-then add the minced meat with a bit more water to avoid burning.  Let the meat cook until all water evaporates.

Other toppings:
chopped onions, bellpepper, paprika, eggplant sliced in circles, olives, mushrooms, whatever pleases you

Cheese topping:

You can buy ready-made shredded pizza cheese or do your own.  I use fresh Mozerella, cheddar, permasan and any block of cheese available in our refregirator to make sandwiches.

-You much shredd them so they will spread all over the pizza evenly! (On the picture i only sliced the cheese hence the uneven look!)

The Actual Pizza:

-preheat oven to 275 C.  Yes it will be a very HOT oven so please becareful!
-Get your pizza ready.  On the dough, spread however much sauce you wish, sprinkle in the minced beef if you want it meaty,
-add the mixed shredded cheese
-add slized red onions, sprinkle oregano´, and toppings of your choice
-stick it in the oven until all cheese melt crust forms. It wont take longer than 10min.


15 March 2015

Taking a new step in my new life

I have been living in Sweden for quite a while.  It will be 5 years in March pretty soon.  How shocking how time flies, as if it literally was yesterday that I was a newly married woman with little knowledge in a foreign language and the job market.

I unfortunately let go of one of my favorite subjects, science, only because I was not passionate enough to get through nursing school in the middle of nowhere to finally get a job in stockholm.  I needed a convinient education where it would eventually help me get a convinient job where I can work around the hours of my family life.  Yes, convinient the key word for my present situation in life.  My priority in life right now is to spend as much time as I can with my one and only son.  To spend enough time with my wonderful family, my little prince and his big guy, my first ever prince charming.  I don't ever want look back and regret.  Our time here in this world is very short.

I am now studying business administration, a very familiar subject that I have studied previously.  I am so far satisfied with the occupational line since it is a much lighter area than healthcare. It's all about being positive, keeping it clean and organized...everything.  How bad can that be? It will actually teach me some stuff about everyday stuff at home.

Speaking of which, I really need to get things organized at home!  I love our compact yet classy apartment but things get cluttered so easily, especially with a toddler on the go.  My biggest challenge is to make enough space for our clothes and keeping a spacy, clean kitchen.  I gave up on cleaning up my little prince's toys.  The second i pick them up and put them inside his little bag he takes a few right out.  Eventually he ends up putting them all back in the bag if he's happy enough.. A real prince he thinks he is i tell ya! I love that little heart of mine! He will turn 2 in 2 months, my goodness!  I wonder how he will react with a baby sibling? Hmm...