03 January 2013

Looking forward to 2013

First of all, I want to wish everybody a very happy and prosperous new year!

Last year wasn't the best year for me, but I can't complain much about it.  Although I've been through some tough times (not getting to drive in Sweden, miscarriage, not able to start school or get a job, staying in the hospital, just to name a few), I have never learned so much in my life!

I've learned to be a very patient and optimistic woman.  I've learned that one must go through disastrous events in order to grasp the true value of happiness. Even when it was about time for me to realize that I might have a hopeless dark future in this country I still had faith in God.  I prayed for patients and positivity.  I knew I had many things that I should be greatful for but I was somehow blinded by all the negativity and I kept praying for a clear bright path.  All my prayers from last year were miraculously answered.  They were all answered at the right time.  Sometimes we want things in the wrong time but we hardly think about timing when it comes to "wants".  It's all about patients!

I want to share some good news this new year.  I finally got some experience working in Sweden.  I worked some hours at the post office and loved the atmosphere.  Got paid while I sorted christmas cards and made new friends and accquaintances.  Now I can finally add on to my resume that I HAVE worked in this country.  I had also registered for nursing school for the spring semester which I have finally gotten the answer to.  My school starts in the middle of this month and it is a distance learning program which makes it so convinient for me!  Why did I choose distant-learning? One big thing I left out. My hubby and I are going to be parents! I'm 4 months pregnant!  Yes, first trimester was so horrible to me that I had to stay in the hospital several days for drops.  Yeah, it was pretty bad...I got it bad..but I made huge progress and hopefully I will get to know how the baby is doing on our ultrasound on the 14th!  So excited!  Also, we will be moving to a new place around April.  Something else to look forward to.  Oh so many changes already!  I'm both excited and nervous!

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