01 February 2013

Those Old Wive's Tales : Gender Predicition

First of all let me make it clear that gender is absolutely the least of my concern when it comes to having a baby.  I just love babies.  Be it boy or girl.  Seeing one makes my day!

Superstitious things never really got to me.  Especially the ones dealing with pregnancy.  I always believed that each woman is made differently and you really can't generalize us all by some tale.  It might come out true for many, even me, but I see that as a simple coincident.  But admit it, you get curious sometimes.  I know I do.  When I began my 2nd trimester, I've heard all kinds of things from different women.  It's fun to hear actually.  Here are the common ones I was told:

1.  If you're carrying low, it's a boy.
     Carrying high, it's a girl.
     I am carrying pretty high.

2.  If your bump sticks more up front, it's a boy.
     If it's more wide, it's a girl.

    My bump is sticking straigh up front.

3. If you feel more movement on the left, it's a boy.
    On the right, then it's a girl.

   umm...there's no middle choice? My baby actually jumps all around!

4. Glowing means boy.  Dry hands and cold feet mean boy.
    Skin is breaking out, skintone is darker, hair is dry. Girl.

 I've experienced both.  Except for the glowing part.  I am NOT glowing.

5.  Craving sour and salts? Meaty and greasy food? Boy.
     Got the sweet tooth?  Girl.

     My taste varies day to day.

6.  Morning sickness and more vomiting.  Girl.
    Hardly any vomiting.  Boy.

  Did I tell you about staying in the hospital for my severe vomiting? My morning sickness stopped after        week 20.

7.  Ok this one just made me laugh. If Dad's getting fat it's a boy. I've also heard if he's gaining weight it's a girl.  Seriously, there's no right answer.

I don't think my hubby's weight has anything to do with gender!

I do trust my instincts, though.  Mama's instincts always counts.  I had a feeling what this one's going to be long before I even got pregnant.

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