15 January 2013

Ultrasound appointment! Week 20

Yesterday was our first official ultrasound appointment and It was an unforgettably amazing experience!  I got absolutely no sleep the night before and woke up at 6 walking around the house with an empty stomach.  I was afraid if I ate anything besides crackers I would throw up again!  I was too nervous to even do that!

Finally when my husband and I got there at 11:30am, like 2 very nervous future parents, we sat there impatiently, anxiously waiting for a technician to call my name.  So when a nice lady named Eva finally called us up she took us to that dim comfy room with the magical ultrasound screen and a larger tv projected in front of the bed.  "Let's get started shall we?" Eva said energetically.  So there she went, squeezing a hold bottle of that terribly cold viscous liquid and next thing you know, my dear husband almost jumped up, gasped and squeezed my hand tight when he saw that miracle on the tv! Truely our miracle! My God! We were so silent...as Eva showed us our precious baby...moving...together we counted the little tiny fingers, measured the legs...head...saw the adorable body swing and suck its thumb.  My husband and I could not help but keep staring at it... and so at the end, after closely checking everything, we were so happy to see our baby healthy so far. We were so thankful.  We did however have a tiny bit of curiousity. "Can we find out the sex today?"  Not that it mattered...I just cant wait to shop for my baby's stuff! and name it ofcourse! Hate calling it IT.

Drumroll:  Eva showed us at the very end and it was very clear that we were having a baby boy!

Yes! My baby my little prince! You are said to be due May 26th..but ofcourse, it's all up to you!

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