09 February 2013

Overwhelmed/frustrated at Pregnancy week 23

I just about had it this week. I want to get away from everything. Really.  I feel physically and mentally exhausted. I need to be close to mom or something. I don't know.

Starting school in Sweden...a challenge

My distance program for midwifery school has officially begun.  So it's distant learning, but that doesn't mean you just sit home and cheat off the textbooks on online exams.  It's more like being home yet mentally not.  We have plenty of interactive web conferences and lots of group work.  When it comes to group work, our discussions work best when we meet up somewhere physically. Then we have these obligatory seminars with the entire class and ofcourse the teacher who is usually commuting with us through a webcam in the classroom.  Classes nowadays I tell ya!

This is my first time seeing so much technology being used for classes.  That's when it really feels like 2013.  No more...read the books do your homework and have a popquiz while your teacher roams the lecture room.  The learning style we are introduced to kind of compels you to focus on your studies giving you flexibility at the same time.  A totally New concept for me.

Did I mention it's all in swedish? Another big challenge.  Sometimes I just get confused during discussions and lectures.  Like should I pay attention to the new swedish words or the new concepts of the chapter we are studying?  When I express my thoughts, does it sound the same in swedish as it would in english?  It can be extremely nervewracking!  On the bright side, everybody is terribly nice. They never make me feel like an idiot, even though they sound so professional and experienced already.  I still think being a midwife will be a huge challenge!  It is already kicking my butt.

Just doing regular housework....a challenge

I feel like i have a 20Ib bowling ball is inside me.  I get breathless just cleaning the house, or cooking.  Going out to throw the trash in the snow feels like a job.  Doing groceries (making a damn grocery list) is a pain.  Earlier today, while standing in line at a super market, i suddenly felt so weak, that i almost fainted.  It was the worst feeling.

In-laws are coming back home...want to do something special

But what?? My creativity left me the day i became preggo!

Baby is...

More than a pound.  I think he is about a foot long.  He kicks, flips, turns all day and night long making himself comfortable in my womb.  My sac is the size of a freakin cantaloup.  No wonder I can hardly sleep! I wont lie though, I love those kicks!

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