04 February 2013

Pregnancy week 22

Tomorrow will be my last day of week 22. This time it really flew!

Dear Baby,

Hello my little prince. You have grown so much MashAllah. I don't need an ultrasound to tell me that, because I've been feeling you way too much. Does mommy's movements bug you? What about when daddy keeps aking you what your name's gonna be? Well you sure partied inside last night! I felt hard kicks and thumps on the left the entire night boy! What were you doing?? Well, you haven't stopped doing it, because I still feel you.  You kicked my ipad yesterday.  Today you kicked the big laptop! Here I am sitting by the window all comfy in my pjs watching tv and nodding my head while I see Sweden's clouds give snow again in this cold gloomy winter afternoon.  Ofcourse, when you arrive in this world, everything will change!  Sunshine and flowers day and night!  But nothing will be as bright compared to your angelic little face.

This week you have been fed well. I ate everything from fruits to greasy fastfood.  Variety is good right? I had a thing for german apple pancakes. And frenchfries. No, not at the same time!

I had a little group session taught by my pregnant midwife.  We did some breathing exercises to help relax my stiff body.  Us mommies were so clueless. We watched a breastfeeding video for first-timers.  It was helpful, cute...and kinda funny.  I guess we will all learn with time despite the number of videos we see.

Still haven't found your crib yet....

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