06 March 2013

Pregnancy Week 27 - Back pain! And it's hot in here!

I am experiencing lower back pain.  It's a pain I tell ya! Oh, and those cute little baby kicks just turned into stronger karate kicks! It can be so uncomfortable when I'm sitting down, and I suddenly feel pressure on my ribs and pelvic area! No I'm not exaggerating.  It's also very uncomfortable sneezing and coughing.  Can't stand, lay down, or sit for too long, but walking feels good right now.  Even though I look like I'm wobbling, it's about the only thing that makes me feel better.  Walking in soon-to-be-spring Stockholm.  I still can't believe it snows sometimes! Anyway, I hear a few birdies tweeting around 5pm every crispy clear evening, so that should mean something.

Also, I just can't stop eating! There's always some how space for food even when I eat up a full plate.  Yup...that's how my 6 months ends.  Me pigging out and not gaining a single kg.  I have a very weird body!

I forgot to mention how I feel extremely hot wherever I go! I get hot flashes frequently now...and it's not even spring! What's going to happen 3rd trimester?


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  2. It’s normal to experience lower back pain and much more normal to pig out during pregnancy. XD You are providing nutrients for two lives, so it’s quite understandable. The back pain issue is also workable. If you’re into yoga, there are stretches and poses specifically for that condition in your situation. You can also use some support if you’re not too fidgety with wearing an adjustable garment. Or go regular with a chiro. Whatever suits you!