16 March 2013

Step-by-step in Sweden : 2013 update

I just wanted to remind myself about what I have planned for the future in this beautiful country, which at rare times, still seem foreign to me.  I had this simple little to-do list that I created to get myself together, but instead, it just made things worse, since I failed to do half the stuff.  I was just looking over the depressing to-do list right now.

So here was the list to survive in Sweden:

  1. Get a Job - I worked during the holiday in December while I was just 4 months pregnant.  My first 4 months of pregnancy was a nightmare.  Ehh, I'm just happy I worked at the post office sorting christmas cards and frequently running to the bathroom to throw up.  It was way better than working at a restaurant.  Thank god that didn't happen!  I will be working again hopefully this December!  Can't in the summer since I will be spending lots of time with my precious little sweetheart whose supposed to be due on May 26th!  
  2. Get a Profession - I plan on finishing school here, finally. I plan on being a midwife in the future and oh how challenging it has already been! And the luck that I have, the university decided very recently to convert their ENGLISH textbooks into SWEDISH books.  Doesn't that make life easier?  I find it hard to do excessive textbook-reading in swedish at times.  Just at times.  Oh, and let's not even talk about writing final papers.  
  3. Get a Swedish driving license - Not until I have my baby.  I will push that off to next year.  Or maybe the end of this year.  Screw driving here.  I don't see what's so special about it here anymore.  Driving instructors just make me nervous and not make me feel like myself.  I've had pretty good experience in driving and I know pretty well that I am no where near aggressive.
  4. Change my last name  - Once baby is born I guess.  

Financial situation

One thing I like about this country is that despite the high taxes and high prices for food, clothing, living, pretty much everything, it's actually hard to be poor in this country.  They will always provide you with support based on your needs.  

My long-term goal is to settle here with simplicity.  Right now, I have no income, but I hope to never have an empty bank account.  Thanks to temporary employments, and CSN money I get for education, I am not totally broke.  I have no excuse to be broke.  I should be getting "barn bidrag" once I have the baby, which is wonderful.  I find shopping for overpriced clothes and movie tickets a waste of money.  Even eating out.  I suck at being cheap though, so I limit myself from going out unless it's completely neccessary.  

I need to continue being patient, and minimize my expenses.  So it's time I start saving for those "big dreams".  Yes, it is possible to save even if you don't have income.  


  1. Most people I know have a history of having worked at Posten :P! I've also worked in the Christmas card sorting section, and last year I worked in Sweden Post Stamps (will probably do that this summer as well).

    If you feel like you need any help with Swedish, maybe review your papers or something, don't hesitate to ask :)!

  2. I know! You will see familiar faces when you work there for sure haha.

    Thanks for your concern that is so sweet and helpful of you. Will keep that in mind! :)