23 March 2013

As a Pregnant Nursing Student at 29-weeks...in Sweden

How I feel as a student...

In the past I always wondered how pregnant mommies managed to study. I always thought it was impossible to focus on school work once you have a little somebody inside of you poking you all day.  But nothing is impossible, really.  We like making everything such a big deal.  Well, I always did.

I am half-way done with my first semester as a nursing student.  If I were a swedish, I would say the first half was a breeze, but unfortunately I don't feel the same as my other classmates.  Wish I did, though.  Every time we have those online seminars for our course, I feel so exhausted.

Now I think of that one summer when I took organic chemistry with this Latino girl back in the US.  English was her second language.  She never sounded stupid speaking english, but she felt way more comfortable expressing herself in Spanish.  Doing papers in Spanish...calculating in spanish..thinking in spanish.  Some students in my lab would get so frustrated working with her in a group project.  There were certain theories she would take in the wrong way, confusing everyone, even the professor.  Everybody doubted her.  Yet this girl got through it.  She actually did better than all of us towards the end of the summer.  All that struggling in lab paid off afterall.  I'm hoping mine would pay off, too.

How I feel pregnant...

I'm feeling good about my pregnancy so far, with the exception of lower backpain during the day and leg cramps during the middle of the night.  My bump looks SO weird when I get up in the morning.  All lopsided.  And my bellybutton is a total outy, yet it goes back in at certain times of the day...what I mean to say is, my little guy grew more than 13inches and I can see that when he moves around all day, making my bump change shape every minute!

Cravings this week:  I went crazy for anything beefy.  What's wrong with me?  I used to hate meaty stuff at first trimester and look at me now.  Bangali style beef curry makes my day, now.  Talk about unpredictable hormones.

I'll tell you what else pregnancy has done to me.  I have stretch marks.  Yup.  Scarred for life.  But I'm kinda proud of my marks.  My mommy marks.  There is a beauty in everything a woman gets, even her stretch marks from pregnancy.

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