02 March 2011

Art of the Day - Women who gossip and the Woman who tries to survive

This is during a party when 2 well-dressed rich women gossip about whats going on around them.  Who divorced who, who got pregnant with who, which girl or guy dressed the worse, who got bankrupt...and so on.   They care about others way too much.

Here is a woman hasn't eaten anything for 4 days.  Her child has a high fever and her husband is dieing.  The daughter behind her has only one single dress to wear which is almost tearing.  The woman only wants to survive.  More than herself, she wants her kids to survive. She cares about her family.


  1. You have very nice drawing skills, and i really enjoy reading your blog every day, ..

    People are too busy with things that are unimportant..when they can worry about so many other things...

    Banglai ekta kotha ache "Jar mone ja fal pare ta"


  2. I really appreciate how seriously you took the sketches. It was exactly what i wanted to depict. We live in a world with so many things going on around us, but we tend to stay inside and worry about those trivial factors that will mean nothing to us in the long run.
    I have heard that classic bangla saying and i couldn't agree with you more. It is so true.

    Once again, thanks for reading :D I hope i never make it boring for you.