22 February 2011

Racism in the Metro

It's a huge disappointment to come across an extreme racist, especially when the country is completely new to you.  The last thing you want to see is discrimination.  An old problem that started after the existance of mankind.  We are of equal kind, but some how division tends to emerge within our own kind.

My first look at a hardcore racism case happened around the middle of last year in the metro.  Though i wasn't targeted, it still hit me to see the fact that 2 young muslim girls were put on the spot and insulted, cursed at, and with abusive words kicked off the train by a crazy bald, buff white Svensk in his late 20s.
This man, however, wasn't only showing hatred towards Muslim girls, but first, towards Muslims, then towards immigrants, after that comes women, most specifically towards young women who were alone.  If i wasn't with my husband that evening in the train, he would have made an abusive remark to me as well, and that really would have ruined my entire day.

It all started when the 2 young students got into the train and started normally talking and giggling just like teenagers do.  They wore hijabs on their heads, which made it obvious that they were Muslims.  Few seats in front of them sat a completely wasted couple who were creating this big disturbing scene in the Metro.  They moaned and cried out loud and had bad odor, they wore ripped up clothing, the woman wearing hardly anything, showing whatever she pleased.  The 2 students tried ignoring the scene just like everybody else, but they couldn't help but send eachother the look that they were absolutely aggrevated. 

Apparently, a man sitting behind them, facing one of the students noticed the aggrevated look.  Out of the blue, we all heard angry yelling wich transformed into roaring and yelling of dirty words addressed to the Muslim girls.  The man did not stop.   The girls first seemed shocked, then insulted as he kept telling them to dare to look him in the eye, that he would show them where they really belong, that they don't belong in this country, niether do their nasty parents.  Tears started coming out of their shameful eyes as they heard the racist talk turning into inappropriate sexually perverted talk.  It was probably their first time hearing things like that.  They were probably questioning themselves, "what did i do wrong to deserve this in front of so many people?".  The entire metro was quiet with the exception of the psychotic white man who kept trying to get the girls' attention by saying "you bitch" and after every harrassing remark, he would bang the window or shake the chair, sometimes tighten his fists and grind his teeth as if he were about to take some grewsome action towards the girls, as well as every other muslim girl that matched the character. 

The 2 muslim young girls had their books held tightly against their chest, looking down at the floor, and as soon as the train stopped for the next station, they left with tears running constantly down their red face. 

After that, people left one by one, trying to avoid the man before he started again.  No single lady got away without a remark however.  Some had it worse than others. But not as harsh as the Muslim girls. 

Funny thing was, the drunk couple became sober as hell after that man's act. 

My husband was so disgusted at the abusive violent man that he couldn't take his eyes off of him.  I hated that.  I didn't want us to get in some kind of nasty trouble for this psycho.  Somehow my husband held his anger, feeling terrible for the young little girls, and as soon as we got out of the train, i let out a huge breath with relief.  "Boy do I feel sorry for the people who will get off with that psycho."  I told my husband.  He agreed.  Somewhere inside, i could sense his fear of the man too. 

As we approached the bus stop, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I had to pinch myself to see if this wasn't a nightmare, but my heartbeat kept getting faster as i saw the man passing us by with his eyes looking directly at us, with an odd smile that i will never be able to explain.  "what the fuck" thought my husband.

I prayed for the bus to come faster, and hoped that he would leave us alone.  That he wouldn't end up living in the same street as us, not get off at the same stop.  It was getting darker and i kept praying, until suddenly, the man disappeared. 

It was a place where it was impossible to hide, but somehow in seconds, he disappeared. 

I thanked Allah and kept praying for protection. 

That night, I thanked Allah for all the protection I had.  For giving me guidance.  And i prayed for all the people that suffer through abuse in daily life.  I prayed for the oppressed, for the poor, for the hungry,for the women who had no shelter, who become used and thrown away to give them guidance.

Those might be simple dirty remarks the man made, but his words hit me deep.  It made me think of his capabilities and of the people that commit crime to the innocent.  

We should be thankful for what we have.  And we should appreciate our life, the things around us, the PEOPLE around us. 
If you don't like someone, avoid them.  But end racism in your hearts.


  1. Hej , i am an asian immigrant in Stockholm. Having read your story about the idiot man on subsway made me feel sad for the two victimed girls.In the same time it gave me a panic for my times on the subway . Hopefully me and anybody els will not experience that kind of situation.

  2. It was definitely a tragedy. Those girls seemed as if they were brought up or maybe even born in Sweden and they were treated in such a way.

    I hope nobody will ever experience this. We do not deserve it.

    Good news is, I haven't really sensed much racism lately :) If i do, I would just stay away from it as far as possible.

  3. you should have started recording. Thats the only way to expose these people.