05 November 2013

Feeding Your Baby (0 to 5months)

So Isaam is growing up way too fast and it is just adorable to see!  Daddy is bringing him new toys every week and mommy keeps putting on bigger shirt sizes on mr. cutie.  Some updates with my son:

-He is now 5 months woohoo!
-Isaam has so far gotten sick 3 times.  2 Fevers and the common cold.  I handled it pretty well.
-He got his 2nd vaccination shots and he is finally getting his energy back after 2 days of mild fever.
-He loves laying on his tummy and watching disney songs.  He struggles to crawl and he can sit with some support.
-Isaam has  discovered his feet and all he does when he lays down is curl up like a ball and bite his feet.  No more sucking hands, it's all about feet now.
-Isaam got his new bed, but he still sleeps with mommy and daddy.
-he has been introduced to mild cereal and potatoes and plum puree.  I feed him 2 tsp with 90ml formula milk.
-After he is done eating I pour in 2 to 3 oz of formula milk and continue feeding him by spoon (since he hates the bottle!).
-he loves water and his vit. D
-he naps for 30min 3 times a day, and sleeps through the night (almost)...feeding him 2 times at night
-he still wants breastmilk like every 2hours... as long as he is getting enough! Nowadays hes so distracted whenever im feeding. Oh, and he just loves looking at us when we are eating!

I am seriously worried about his growth.  The ped said everything is fine but I wonder how things will be when I have low breastmilk supply, since he hates the bottle.  Hope things go fine!

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